Monday, December 6, 2010

Seattle: Bengal Tiger

If you're looking for good Indian food while in Seattle, I would recommend Bengal Tiger East Cuisine of India on Roosevelt Way. No, I can't say that I've sampled other Indian restaurants in Seattle; therefore, I cannot tell you that Bengal Tiger is the best in Seattle, or even near the top of the list of Indian food in Seattle. Not when there are over one hundred places in the Seattle area where you can find Indian food. But with that many Indian places, it may be hard to find someone who has been to all of these and can remember which each one tastes like to the point where they can definitively tell you how they rate. Some things I can tell you about Bengal Tiger, though. It's good Indian food. And I've eaten at other Indian restaurants to know. It's listed in the Top 10 list at for Indian food in Seattle, based on user votes. It's a Best of CitySearch winner for 2009, as well as previous kudos from the Seattle Times.

Bengal Tiger doesn't look like much from the outside. In fact, it's the sort of place that you may pass by and not give it much thought. On the inside, you find that it's quite a small restaurant, made to look a bit bigger with mirrors along one wall. Arriving perhaps a bit early for lunch rush, there weren't that many people there when we arrived, though I've come to expect a light crowd when it comes to Indian food whereever you get it. For some reason, people tend to avoid places like this, and for that, it can only be their loss when it comes to finding some great food. However, by the time we were through with our lunch, Bengal Tiger's business had actually picked up quite a bit to where a majority of the tables surrounding the restaurant were filled and only the middle tables were unoccupied.

When it comes to Indian food, I prefer a place that serves a lunch buffet, and if it's a busy restaurant, you needn't worry about the food being fresh. By going for a lunch buffet, you have the opportunity to sample a variety of Indian foods to learn for yourself what you may like or dislike with the cuisine. Otherwise, you find yourself ordering an item off of the menu that you may be unfamiliar with only to discover that you made a poor and likely uninformed choice. And the more selection, the better. This is one of the places that Bengal Tiger disappoints, unfortunately. There weren't that many choices on the buffet, one of which was french fries, which is decidedly not Indian. But what they did have, other than the fries, was for the most part worth it--naan and papadums, butter chicken, lamb, tandoori chicken, as well as a few other items set out on the small buffet table. The mango salad--not a pudding--reminds me of a cool whip salad in taste, texture, and appearance, so likely that is exactly what it is. Since I like this type of a salad, I thought this was a perfect way to end the meal. Unfortunately, I can't say that I enjoyed the rice pudding all that much and have had better.

All in all, Bengal Tiger is worth stopping in.

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troutbirder said...

Hey Steve. Its been awhile and so I'm catching up. I really like your "foodie" blog. Really a lot. Not so much Space Aliens in Fargo though. When our grandson was about 2 we ate there an the ALIEN came over to greet him. He got totally freeked out and cried for ten minutes. Too much for a two year old.
We love to travel and eat out so having got a GPS in the car Im going to mark down some of your recomment spots like in Winnepeg and follow the trail to whereever it takes us. Now isn't that a fun idea? Also King Arthurs Court was a cool review. My new second blog also does book reviews so stop by and say hello some time.