Monday, November 1, 2010

Seattle: Unicone Crepes

Nestled away in the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, near the Seattle Tacoma airport, I am unsure what the name of this small crepe kiosk actually is. On the surface of it, it would appear that this place's name is Unicone Crepes (the name on the sign), which makes sense, as the crepes are rolled into a giant cone, resembling an ice cream cone. However, in searching for this place online, I found their Facebook page, where they call themselves Unicorn Crepes. Again, I suppose that name makes sense somewhat, as the crepe could be said to resemble a unicorn's horn.

Regardless of the name, this place sells crepes. But to set themselves apart, they sell gourmet Japanese crepes. Yes, a fusion of French and Japanese cultures together in crepe form. The technique for this fusion comes from Japan. Similar to a french crepe, the recipe is slightly different, thereby by accounts, making the Japanese crepe a little more difficult to make at home. The Japanese crepe is also made on a large flat pan or cooking surface rather than in a frying pan.

There are several options for crepes at Unicone Crepes. The one I ate had banana, chocolate, corn flakes, and whipped cream. Other toppings include maple syrup, strawberries, ice cream, almonds, anko, tuna salad, ham, egg salad, potato salad, blue berries, pudding, and custard. And you can get these in almost any variety. With the almost endless variety that you can try, you will likely find yourself going back and back again, eagerly trying a different variety each time. I know I would if I lived near there.

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