Monday, September 6, 2010

Chicago: Margie's Candies cream. What more can I say?

Well, quite a bit, actually. We heard about Margie's Candies from the book, "500 Things To Eat Before It's Too Late." It had the turtle sundae listed as being among the best turtle sundaes, and since Chicago isn't far from where we live (ok, so its five hours by car, but closer than many other places in the US), so we knew that we had to check this out, eventually.

On the day in question, and we found ourselves in the Chicagoland area, we knew that we wanted something cold and delicious. It was a late Sunday morning, and the temperatures were already approaching 90 degrees. We were in Naperville, Illinois, killing some time looking at the various stores downtown, trying to decide if we should stay where we were or go into Chicago to Margie's Candies. We walked by a place that sold gelato in downtown Naperville, and the sign on the window said they had 75 flavors of gelato. It was ten minutes before the place was scheduled to open, and we got excited by the 75 different flavors, especially after having been at a place in Winnipeg that had a similar number of flavors on a daily basis. So we waited until 11, when the place was to open. Opening time came and went without the place opening, though we could see a worker inside the gelato store. We waited another ten minutes, and saw someone go in, so we figured we could finally go. When we got there, the door was still locked. We knocked on the door to be let in, and one worker than had to work for a few minutes to get the door to stay unlocked. We looked at the flavors, none of which sounded all that interesting, and there were definitely not 75 flavors--that must be the total number of flavors they have ever made, not what they would have on a daily basis. Disappointed by what we saw, we decided that the drive to Margie's was the best option.

We got to Margie's and were seated in a booth in the small restaurant. There aren't that many tables here, but you can also get your food to go as well. This place has a glass case with different knick knacks, many of which pertain to the Beatles.

Margie's has a wide selection of ice cream, including several large portions--half gallon-sized sundaes...sundaes with 12 scoops of ice that you could go here and test how much ice cream you could possibly eat if you so chose. But we stayed fairly basic here. Tammy ordered the turtle sundae, having looked at the picture of it in the book several times over, and I went with the turtle split--a variation of the banana split. We both stayed with the vanilla ice cream rather than mixing it up with different flavors. And these sundaes were big in their own right--the turtle sundae with two scoops and the split with three, but they were large scoops. It should be noted that these were good, however, not really what we were expecting. I, for one, thought they'd somehow be the greatest ice cream that I had ever had. However, I was not blown away by the taste. Yes, I liked it. I may have it again should we find ourselves by Margie's again, or go there again and try something again, but I don't think I'd go out of my way for this place. I may be suffering from building up the hype of this place in my mind (after all, why else would it have been listed in the book?), and then it not living up to my expectations. Also, they didn't seem to look like the picture that was in the book, which I thought was a little odd, but relatively a small nitpick. Also, both the turtle split and the turtle sundae came with crushed peanuts, not pecans like a turtle should have. How can it be called a turtle sundae with peanuts?

Or could it be that I have my favorite places for frozen treats now and have shut off everything else? (Frozen yogurt--Alohoa Yogurt, Scottsdale; Frozen Custard--Culver's, various; Ice Cream--Cold Stone, various/Izzy's/Sebastian Joe's, Twin Cities; Gelato--Mercato Gelato, Winnipeg). Of course, already having favorites in those categories doesn't mean that I won't continue searching for something better.

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