Monday, August 30, 2010

Rochester: Beetles Bar & Grill

A group of us went to Beetles Bar & Grill after work on a Friday. I had only been here once before, and wasn't too impressed with it at that time, but when the group decided to come here, I felt that it may be time to give it another chance. Perhaps a one-time visit may not necessarily be enough to truly get the whole jist of what a restaurant is all about, and most restaurants I don't like is based on at least two visits.

First off, it was a Friday evening, and even at 5:00 pm, this place looked busy, with the parking lot full, so I pulled into the first empty spot I found along the road. There were a few empty tables when we got there, but not many. And a couple of our group had gotten there first and pulled some tables together for us. We weren't the only large group that had chosen Beetles as the place to go to meet. It was loud inside with the place nearly full, making us wish we had grabbed some tables outside on the patio instead, but by that time, most of the tables on the patio were spoken for as well.

The waitress was very attentive to the people arriving, making sure that she stopped back every time some one new came in to see what they wanted to drink, as well as coming back often to see if anyone wanted anything else. When it came to delivering the food, with seven of us getting food, there was one mistake on the plate. However, the waitress was the one who recognized the mistake before she even set the plate down in front of that person. Mistakes can and do happen anywhere, and I feel that it's not the mistake that should be remembered, but how the mistake is handled. In this case, the waitress very quickly went and fixed the mistake, which really impressed me.

I ordered the fire pit burger, which likely is a new item on their menu, as it is not listed on their website menu. Their burgers are 1/2 pound, and come with onions, tomato, lettuce, and pickle on the side. My fire pit burger had pepper jack cheese and a chipotle sauce. I don't think it had jalapenos, which for a fire pit burger, I would have thought them necessary. But I digress. The burger, for some, may have been spicy. I was even asked by one of my colleagues if it was spicy. For me, it was a little bit spicy, perhaps a little bit spicier than what is considered spicy by the national chain restaurants. It was not over-the-top spicy like you can get at some ethnic restuarants. At least you could taste the spiciness, and I compared it to the spiciness of the Fudge Tree's jalapeno and kicking and screaming fudge that we had sampled recently to paint an example of it's spiciness. Overall, it was a good burger, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For $.50 more, I replaced my regular fries with sweet potato fries. While I appreciate the fact that Beetles has sweet potato fries, I wasn't as impressed by those as some other places that have them. The mere fact that there was one thing about the experience (two, if you count the noise level, but I can hardly fault the restaurant for that) that I was disappointed in isn't going to diminish the overall satisfaction, and I have since changed my opinion about Beetles, and would consider coming here again.

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